Lucky to everyone living today, as they are getting benefited with the medical innovation introduced before and will be introduced in the future. Some of the dramas and the hardships being experienced by people living in the past are now gone, hence those who are in need of medical help…

The medical industry is at its peak of revolution where several technologies are being developed for various purposes. Medical experts like Dr. Philip Sobash are constantly publishing articles on these technological trends in medicine. Let us go through some of these top trends to watch out for shortly.

Remote healthcare

Dr. Philip Sobash has enjoyed a celebrated career as an internal medicine resident at White River Medical Center in Arkansas. He received his MD from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine and has contributed to over a dozen medical journals over the years. He played football and…

Dr. Philip Sobash

Dr. Philip Sobash is a Medical Doctor currently working in Internal Medicine in Batesville, Arkansas for White River Health System

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